Action Crime Drama Mystery Thriller

The Foreigner

Storyline The daughter of a London Businessman named Quan (Jackie Chan) is killed in a terrorist activity. His buried past comes up when he seeks justice for her daughter. But things get bad when he pursues this route as he’s going head to heard with the authorities.   Trailer   Synopsis The film opens in …

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Comedy Drama

The Lady Bird

Storyline The Lady Bird – Christine McPherson, is a high school senior looking for opportunities and adventure which she is unable to find in her present Sacramento Catholic high school. She follows the same character in her senior year, following in her first romantic adventure, taking part in the school play and then deciding her …

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Biography Drama History War

Darkest Hour

Storyline Just in a few days of becoming the president of The Great Britain, Winston Churchil, is standing amidst a great confusion which can either make it or break it for the nation. On one hand, he can accept the negotiated peace treaty with the Nazi’s and on the other hand, he can choose to …

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Action Comedy

Snatched 2017

Storyline After Emily is dumped by her boyfriend on the eve of their majestic vacation, she persuades her mother to travel with her to paradise. For this pair it’s hard to work it out just like the relationship of any mother and daughter but this trip which turns out to be quite adventurous and unexpected …

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Comedy Horror

Boo 2! A Madea Halloween

Storyline Madea and her friends go on a camping trip but the campground turns out to be haunted! Now, the group must run for their lives when mystical creatures and demons are after them.   Trailer   Synopsis The movie starts at St. Mary’s Prep where Tiffany (Diamond White) and her friend Gabriella (Inanna Sarkis) …

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