This website disclaimer is a legal notice covering some of the key legal issues that arise out of the operation of this website.

The disclaimer incorporates a license setting out the basis upon which a website may be used and a set of limitations of liability. It also helps website operators to comply with information disclosure laws.


StreamMyMovie is a search engine cum informational hub (like Google combined with Wikipedia). It helps in providing relevant info about various movies as well as acts as a mediocre in connecting you with the info and media available on some third party sites and servers for the same.

StreamMyMovie does not host or own any audio-visual media that is presented to the user apart from certain images and logos appearing on the site. None of these files are hosted on our servers or in any way connected to our site and/or its owner. Users are only redirected to the sources where the content has actually been uploaded and/or hosted.


Our Sources Include:

  1. googleusercontent.com
  2. storage.googleapis.com
  3. openload.co


Any content shown on third party websites are the responsibility of those sites and not ours. We have no knowledge of whether content shown on third party websites is or is not authorized by the content owner as that is a matter between the host site and the content owner. But we do assume that the content posted on these third party websites is legal and lawful as all the users of these third party sources are not allowed to post any illegal content as a basis of the contracts they signed on the third party sites at the time of formation of their accounts. See Google Terms For More Clarity. Also, Openload: TOS + Copyright Policy.

However, if you are the actual owner of the content and want the content removed from our database then please send us a simple message from our contact form or a DMCA Takedown Request using the info on our DMCA Page. But please stay aware that getting the content removed from our site will not get the content removed from the web as this site is not the actual uploader of the content or is in any way related to that content.

All the sources have been gathered by our own research and are put on our site just to inform the users about the content of other sites. We aren’t embedding any content on our site as well. We just provide a basic HTML link of the sources to direct the user further to the media following the basic principles and legalities of external linking.

If the user(s) of this site are aware of the fact that the copyrights by the original source have not been obtained by the third party sources that we are informing them about or have a reason to believe the same then it is their duty to not to infringe on someone else’s copyright and also inform us about the same so that we can remove any relevant data from our site as well and inform the original copyright holder about such infringements.

All the content on our site is for informational purposes only and not for direct consumption of the users. The content on this site is just to let the people know that content like this exists and if they want they can access it at their own discretion.

We at StreamMyMovie take reasonable steps to make sure that users avoid infringing on someone else’s copyright as a precautionary step. A lock on the third party media links we are informing about has also been placed to inhibit the reach and usage of the data by the users. To bypass that lock they must perform a certain task for which our site may be compensated. Under no circumstances StreamMyMovie and/or its owner is to be held liable for any losses of the original copyright holder, in case it does arise, since no copyright infringements are done on our end.

For any queries please use our Contact Form to contact us directly.