Comedy Drama Romance


Storyline An elite military contractor return to the US Space Program in Honolulu, Hawaii, the place of his greatest victories and there he reconnectes with a long lost love of his life while unexpectedly falling for his watchdog.   Trailer   Synopsis Brian Gilcrest (Bradley Cooper) discusses longing and looking up to the future as …

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Comedy Romance

The Duff

Storyline Life is so unfair sometimes. For Bianca that is even more so when she finds out that she is ‘THE DUFF’ aka Designated Ugly Fat Friend. Now, she finds a way to reinvent herself with the help of her friend Wesley for the final year while facing the social stigma associated with being on …

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Drama Romance


Storyline Ellis Lacey is an ambitious girl who for achieving her dreams leaves her home and family in Ireland and moves to Brooklyn where she believes are better career opportunities. At first it’s really hard but finally she settles down and even falls into love. Everything seems to be going really well until she finds …

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