Rough Night

Storyline Five best college friends reuinte after 10 long years for a bachelorette party in Miami. What was supposed to be super fun turns into a disaster when they end up killing a male stripper they hired. Now, is the time to show the true colors of their friendship in their darkest times supporting each …

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Comedy Drama Sci-Fi


Storyline To save the earth from the problem of over population and to live a lavish lifestyle a man finds a way to shrink himself to 5 inches tall. With this new adventurous step you can’t say what will be there for him next or if it will all go as planned.   Trailer   …

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Comedy Drama Romance

Home Again

Storyline What’s a tougher job than being a single mom? But the life for this single mom changes unexpectedly when she allows three young guys to movie in with her. Imagine what’s gonna happen next!   Trailer   Synopsis The film begins with a voice-over from Alice Kinney (Reese Witherspoon) detailing her life until age …

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Comedy Crime Drama

Logan Lucky

Storyline On getting fired, Jimmy Logan plans a heist along with his brother and sister to help him rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway during a NASCAR race. But their team is not complete without a safe cracker. So, they need to bust out Joe Bang, a convicted safe-cracker and pull this job off. The plan …

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Comedy Drama

The Lady Bird

Storyline The Lady Bird – Christine McPherson, is a high school senior looking for opportunities and adventure which she is unable to find in her present Sacramento Catholic high school. She follows the same character in her senior year, following in her first romantic adventure, taking part in the school play and then deciding her …

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