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The Disaster Artist


Greg & Tommy become a one of a kind friends in an acting class. Together, they travel to L.A in a hope to become popular and successful in Hollywood. But when they face a rejection, Tommy decides on writing, creating, editing, starring, and producing his own movie.





The film starts with a bunch of celebrities (Kristen Bell, Ike Barinholtz, Kevin Smith, Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan, Keegan-Michael Key, JJ Abrams, and Danny McBride among others) talking about a particular movie that is incomparable, unlike anything they’ve seen before, and perhaps even a bit amazing. That movie is “The Room”.

San Francisco, July 1998

Greg Sestero (Dave Franco) is in an acting class doing a scene from “Waiting For Godot”, but he’s very shy and cannot express his acting talent the way he wants. The teacher, Jean Shelton (Melanie Griffith), criticizes Greg and his partner for not being fearless enough to show the class who they really are. When Jean asks for someone to be fearless, one man in the class responds. His name is Tommy Wiseau (James Franco). He and his partner get up in front of everyone to do the “STELLA!” scene from “A Streetcar Named Desire”, but Tommy just does weird stuff like climbing the wall and yelling incoherently. Nobody is impressed, except for Greg. After class, Greg approaches Tommy and expresses his admiration for Tommy being as bold as he was. He asks Tommy if they can read a scene together, and Tommy agrees.

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