Drama Sci-Fi Thriller

The Circle


Mae is an aspiring girl with great ambitions. Finally, she lands to her dream job in a high tech company called The Cirlce. She quickly gets promotion and moves up the ranks through her skills. But soon she finds out that she’s gonna be working on something that’s totally against humanity.





After a day of kayaking, Mae Holland (Emma Watson) is on her way home when her car starts to have trouble, and she is forced to pull over on the side of the road. She contacts Mercer (Ellar Coltrane) who arrives to take a look at the vehicle. The two evidently have some history, and after Mercer is finished looking at the vehicle, Mae tells him that they should get together some time and that she’ll text him or email him. Mercer responds by saying that they could just talk now since they are both present. Mae smiles at this suggestion and heads home.

The next day, while stuck at a dead end job, Mae gets a call from her friend Annie Allerton (Karen Gillan). Annie works at The Circle, a powerful tech company, and is one of the 40 most influential people in the company. Annie is constantly traveling because of her responsibilities and is surprisingly upbeat and energetic for the amount of stress that accompanies her job. Mae interviews at The Circle and gets a job in Customer Experience, an entry level position that requires her to assist users of The Circle’s products and services. She is constantly rated out of a score of 100 by the people she assists, and she is very driven to keep her score high.

At a company-wide meeting, Eamon Bailey (Tom Hanks) introduces a new initiative called SeeChange. The initiative involves small cameras that can be placed anywhere and are meant to make the world more transparent. Tom gives a big speech about the human rights implications of these cameras. The cameras come in different colors to allow them to be camouflaged and they provide real-time video feeds. This initiative is based on the notion of making life more transparent.

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