Adventure Drama Western



A legendary army captain agrees to escort a Cheyenne chief and his family ensuring their safeguard through a deadly territory.





In 1892, a Comanche war party descends on the homestead of Wesley Quaid and his family. Quaid (Scott Shepherd) is killed, as his wife and three children attempt to escape. All three children are hit and killed by gunfire as the family runs away. Quaid’s wife, Rosalie (Rosamund Pike), runs into the woods and hides, still holding onto the youngest child, a baby, who is dead. The Comanche search for her, but fail to find her.

In nearby Fort Berringer, New Mexico, Captain Joseph Blocker (Christian Bale) captures members of an escaped Apache family and brings them back to the fort. Later he has a drink with old friend Master Sergeant Thomas Metz (Rory Cochrane). Metz appears weary from his long years of service, and has had his guns taken from him after a diagnosis of “melancholia.” The men recount battles they have fought and friends they have lost.

In the morning, Captain Blocker is called to the office of Colonel Abraham Biggs (Stephen Lang). Biggs informs Blocker that the President has ordered that Cheyenne war chief Yellow Hawk (Wes Studi), who is dying from cancer, and his family be released so that they can return to their ancestral lands, Valley of the Bears, in Montana. Captain Blocker is told that it will be his duty to escort them and make sure that they get there safely. Initially, Blocker refuses the Colonel’s order, even when faced with a court-martial, recounting terrible things that he has personally witnessed Yellow Hawk do. Blocker also exchanges words with Jeremiah Wilks (Bill Camp), an East Coast journalist who is also in the room, when Wilks points out that the Captain has also done some horrible things to natives. The Colonel warns Captain Blocker, who is set to retire, that his pension will be at risk if he refuses his duty, and so Blocker reluctantly agrees. He is given papers signed by President Benjamin Harrison that will guarantee safe passage.

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