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Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul


The Heffley family are going to attend Meemaw’s 90th birthday party. But what should be a normal road trip turns into a hilarious adventure trip when it goes off course because of Greg’s trick on getting to a gaming convention.





The Heffley family: Greg (Jason Drucker), Rodrick (Charlie Wright), Frank (Tom Everett Scott), Susan (Alicia Silverstone), and Manny (Dylan and Wyatt Walters) – plus Rowley (Owen Asztalos) arrive at Corny’s, a family-friendly restaurant that Greg thinks is for babies. At the table, Greg and Rowley watch a video of their idol, internet celebrity Mac Digby (Joshua Hoover), whom Susan considers a bad influence. Manny then gets stuck in the tube maze above the ball pit, which means Greg must go get him. He gets bombarded by other smaller kids and then loses Manny in the ball pit. Greg scrambles to find him but then ends up getting a dirty diaper stuck to his hands. As he tries to shake the diaper off, other kids and adults start laughing and recording Greg on their phones.

Greg becomes a viral sensation known as “Diaper Hands”, which has left him humiliated. He finds out that Mac is going to be at a video game convention, Player Expo. Since the Heffleys are heading on a road trip for their Meemaw’s 90th birthday, Greg tries to find a way to get to Player Expo and take a video with Mac so that everyone can forget about Diaper Hands.

The Heffleys pack up for their road trip, but their van becomes cluttered with so much luggage that Frank considers flying. Not wanting to miss the convention, Greg suggests putting all their luggage in Frank’s boat so that they’ll have space and possibly get the boat on the water.

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