Rough Night


Five best college friends reuinte after 10 long years for a bachelorette party in Miami. What was supposed to be super fun turns into a disaster when they end up killing a male stripper they hired. Now, is the time to show the true colors of their friendship in their darkest times supporting each other while covering up the mess that has been accidentally created.





The film opens during a college Halloween party in 2006. Best friends Jess (Scarlett Johansson) and Alice (Jillian Bell) are playing beer pong while their friends Blair (Zoe Kravitz) and Frankie (Ilana Glazer) cheer them on. Jess and Alice have one cup left to hit, and Alice is nervous. Jess encourages her friend to win, and Alice shoots the ball from her mouth into the cup. Everyone cheers. Alice carries Jess on her back until Jess hits her head on the doorway and falls. Afterwards, the four ladies go to Jess and Alice’s room to talk about Jess going to study abroad the following semester. They vow to stay friends forever. Then one of their schoolmates drunkenly walks into the room and starts peeing on the floor.

Ten years later.

Jess is living in Washington DC and currently running for a state senator position. Her campaign managers think she comes off kind of uptight in her ads and suggest that she loosen up. Jess is also engaged to a guy named Peter (Paul W. Downs). Alice, who is now a teacher and living somewhere else, keeps trying to get in touch with Jess for an upcoming bachelorette party they have planned. Jess just wants to spend some alone time with Peter, but he tells her it’s okay to take Alice’s calls.

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