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My Little Pony: The Movie


The Mane 6 travel an unforgettable journey to Equestria on a quest to use magic to save their home from the evil dark force that has captured it. Following this journey the 6 ponies will meet a lot of new friends and face deadly challenges along the way.





In the Land of Equestria, at the capital city of Canterlot, Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends, that form the Mane 6 (Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie) and Spike the baby dragon, are getting ready for the Friendship Festival. There, Twilight is feeling overwhelmed organizing the event as the Princess of Friendship, especially since her fellow princesses, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Princess Cadance, decline her more grandiose proposals. However, her friends sing a song to encourage her. With such support, the festival gets underway.

However, a fleet of dark airships led by the renegade unicorn, Tempest, soon arrives and demands the Ponies surrender. When the Princesses refuse, as Tempest had hoped, her forces quickly overwhelm Canterlot’s defenses including magically freezes/encases almost all the Princesses in stone. Twilight almost shares that fate, but for Rainbow Dash saving Twilight just in time while the cross-eyed pegasus, Derpy Hooves, sacrifices herself taking the blow, providing a critical few minutes distraction for the Mane 6 to escape.

Twilight and her friends escape after hearing Celestia’s last words to Luna “Go South past the badlands to find the Queen of the Hyppo-” just before she is cut off just as she is encased in stone. Twilight thinks they need to find the Queen of the Hippos, and set off while Tempest learns of their escape.

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