Horror Thriller

The Bye Bye Man


Three friends move to an off-campus property and instead of having heap loads of fun they end up unleashing a supernatural entity named as The Bye Bye Man. As soon as they learn its name the life of these guys fall into danger because now the bye bye man is behind them. Now, alongside saving their own lives they also need to save the rest of humanity from this catastrophe.





The opening scene begins with a white two story house. Letters flash across the screen, indicating that this is happening in the 1960s. A 1960s car pulls up into the driveway, and a middle-aged man gets out of the car. He runs up the driveway and knocks on the front door. Soon, a woman answers it. He demands to know if she told anyone. She says that she only told her husband and that she thought the name was funny. The middle-aged man turns around and heads back to the car, apologizing for all the way. He grabs a shotgun out of the backseat and heads back to the front door. The woman slams the front door shut. The man points the shotgun at the front door and blows a hole in it.

The scene flashes to the front of a train at night. The camera pans to the path of the train. As the train moves across the train tracks, debris begins showing up in its paths, such as a broken picture frame and some bloody clothes.

The scene then switches back to the middle aged man. He is now in the living room and appears to have shot another man, who is lying on the floor, trying to crawl away. The man on the ground shouts his wifes name, but she does not answer. The middle-aged man with the shotgun pauses for a moment and looks at the stairs. There is the faint sound of a train and lights flash across the wall as though a train were passing by. The middle-aged man yells, Youre not gonna get me! and shoots the man on the ground, killing him.

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