Frank is a single man raising a child girl named Mary in a coastal town in Florida. At first, he thinks Mary is just like a usual child and plans on her future based on such assumptions. But these assumptions are soon shattered when he’s astounded by the unrealistic mathematic abilites of this kid.





In the morning of her first day at school, Mary (Mckenna Grace) is in a foul mood because she doesn’t want to go. She wants Frank (Chris Evans) to continue homeschooling her, but he says he’s taught her everything he knows, and she needs the experience. As soon as he sees the reluctant, sulking Mary off to school, he’s confronted by Roberta (Octavia Spencer), who’s his landlady and friend, and cares deeply for Mary. She tells him to get in his car and bring Mary back before it’s too late, afraid that she will be taken away once everyone realizes she’s a child prodigy. Frank tries to calm her down, saying Mary needs friends and social skills. Roberta isn’t convinced, but there’s nothing she can do, so she lets go.

At school, Mary is shown bored out of her mind as Bonnie (Jenny Slate), her teacher, goes over first-grade math problems with the rest of the class. Mary eventually speaks up, making it known that the lack of challenge is beyond her ability to bear. Bonnie warns her for speaking out of turn and starts asking her increasingly difficult arithmetic problems to make a point. To her surprise, Mary answers them all. After recess, the Principal requests a walk-in observation of Bonnie’s class. As soon as she introduces herself to the children, Mary demands to know if she’s “the boss”, and upon confirmation, demands that she call Frank right away and tell him to get her out of there. When Frank comes to pick Mary up, Bonnie catches up to him on the front yard and tells him she thinks Mary might be a gifted child. Frank chalks it off to some simple algorithm he’s taught her and walks away before Bonnie can discuss the matter with him any further.

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