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All The Money In The World


The 16 year old grandson of the richest man in the world named John Paul Getty III is kidnapped. But for his grandfather this is a reason not enough to pay the ransom demaded by the kidnappers for his freedom. He simply cannot give anything from his fortune despite being the richest man in the world because of his miserly behaviour. The movie shows the devotion of Paul’s mother in trying her best to convince his grandfather to pay the ransom for the freedom of her kid. Idea of the movie is to show the power of love over money.





As the film opens, John “Paul” Getty III (Charlie Plummer) is wandering the streets of Rome at night. He encounters some prostitutes, who notice that he’s really young, so they encourage him to go back to his family, even though he insists that he’s not a boy. As he’s wandering away, a van pulls up alongside the streets where he’s walking. Some men get out of the van and abduct Paul.

The film flashes back a few years to Paul as a child. His mother, Gail (Michelle Williams), and father, John Paul Getty Jr. (Andrew Buchan), are struggling to raise their children. John Jr. is estranged from his father, John Paul Getty Sr. (Christopher Plummer), the richest man in the world, up to that point. Gail convinces John Jr. to reestablish contact with his father, which he does by writing a letter. Sometime later, John Jr. gets a telegram from his father, urging John Jr. to come to Rome for a new job opportunity. The whole family makes the trip and meets Getty Sr. at his hotel room, where they find clothes hanging in the bathroom. Getty Sr. tells the family that he prefers to dry his own clothes rather than to spend some money on having the hotel staff do it.

The family moves to Rome where John Jr. begins working for the Getty Oil Company. Years later, this leads to John Jr. becoming addicted to drugs and sleeping with other women. Gail pursues a divorce from John Jr.

As Gail deals with Getty Sr. over the divorce, Gail wants child support, but Getty Sr. does not want Gail to have anything since everything comes from his money. Gail negotiates and eventually decides to forget about the child support so that she can have the divorce.

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