Action Crime Drama Mystery Thriller

The Foreigner


The daughter of a London Businessman named Quan (Jackie Chan) is killed in a terrorist activity. His buried past comes up when he seeks justice for her daughter. But things get bad when he pursues this route as he’s going head to heard with the authorities.





The film opens in London, England. Vietnam War vet Ngoc Minh Quan (Jackie Chan) picks up his daughter Fan (Katie Leung) from school. He takes her to a dress shop in Knightsbridge. As Quan tries to move up the street, a man in a motorcycle parks his bike in front of the shop. Quan hits another driver who backs up. The man gets out to confront Quan when a bomb goes off, destroying the dress shop and throwing Quan off his feet.

A news station receives a call from a group calling themselves the Authentic IRA, who are claiming responsibility for the bombing. The head of the station tells his employees to find out more information and to see if any other terrorist groups are behind the bombing. One photographer, Ian Wood (Rufus Jones), goes to the bombing site to take pictures. He stops when he sees Quan inside the store tearfully holding Fan’s body.

Three IRA members are watching the news from their safe house, stating that they must stay put in order to avoid detection.

Irish Deputy Minister Liam Hennessy (Pierce Brosnan) is in bed with his mistress Maggie (Charlie Murphy). He gets a call from his wife Mary (Orla Brady) about the bombing. Hennessy then talks to a British politician, Katherine Davies (Lia Williams) about the same issue. Hennessy goes to his job and angrily confronts his subordinates over the bombing, demanding to find out who was responsible for killing civilians.

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