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Darkest Hour


Just in a few days of becoming the president of The Great Britain, Winston Churchil, is standing amidst a great confusion which can either make it or break it for the nation. On one hand, he can accept the negotiated peace treaty with the Nazi’s and on the other hand, he can choose to revolt against it. With all the odds against him, Winston must overcome the darkest hour of his life otherwise destruction is inevitable.





In May 1940, a million German troops are at the Belgian Border with the intent to conquer the rest of Europe. In Britain, Parliament has lost faith in their current prime minister Neville Chamberlain (Ronald Pickup) and are already looking to find his replacement.

Every member of Parliament clamors in anger over Chamberlain’s apparent inability to lead them as World War II has already begun, citing him as incompetent. What they want is a leader that can form a coalition party. During a dinner, the men gathered are all in favor of Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax (Stephen Dillane) to be the new Prime Minister, but while Halifax is grateful for the consideration, he claims his time has not yet come. Chamberlain then states that there is only one other man who will be accepted…and nobody else is pleased at this thought.

Elizabeth Layton (Lily James) is beginning her first day of work as secretary to Winston Churchill (Gary Oldman). As she enters his room, Churchill orders Elizabeth to start typing out a telegram to the French ambassador. He then receives a phone call from the ambassador himself to inform Churchill that the German troops have already invaded Holland and Belgium. Churchill tells Elizabeth to start a new telegram to General Hastings Ismay (Richard Lumsden) in light of the recent news. Churchill then becomes critical of Elizabeth’s work, wherein he proceeds to yell and insult her, driving her out of the room in tears. Elizabeth runs into Churchill’s wife Clementine (Kristin Scott Thomas), who is aware of what just happened. She goes to their bedroom to tell her husband that he has become rude and overbearing, and she would like others to love and respect him the way she does.

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