Comedy Horror

Boo 2! A Madea Halloween


Madea and her friends go on a camping trip but the campground turns out to be haunted! Now, the group must run for their lives when mystical creatures and demons are after them.





The movie starts at St. Mary’s Prep where Tiffany (Diamond White) and her friend Gabriella (Inanna Sarkis) are getting out of class. It’s Tiffany’s birthday, and she knows her dad is going to do his lame tradition like every year. Sure enough, Brian (Tyler Perry) is waiting outside with a birthday hat on, along with his gift for Tiffany. She was expecting him to get her a car since she’s turning 18, but Brian says she doesn’t know how to drive yet. Tiffany’s mother Debrah (Taja V. Simpson) pulls up with her husband Calvin (Akende Munalula) and surprises Tiffany with a new car, to her excitement and Brian’s dismay.

Brian goes home to Madea, Joe (both played by Tyler Perry), Aunt Bam (Cassi Davis) and Hattie (Patrice Lovely) to complain over Debrah giving Tiffany a car when she can’t drive it and for not working for it. While they agree with Brian, they razz him for getting Tiffany only headphones as her big gift.

Tiffany takes her new car out for a test drive, and Gabriella realizes Joe was right – Tiffany can’t drive. The girls show up at a frat house to talk to the frat’s heads over getting invited to their Halloween party. Jonathan (Yousef Erakat) and Dino (Mike Tornabene) don’t want them there after what happened at the previous year’s party, and they can’t even have the party at their frat house. When they find out that Tiffany is 18 now and she convinces them that she can make it a fun night, Jonathan tells the girls that the party will be at Lake Derrick, which was the site of a series or murders 15 years earlier. Although a bit reluctant, the girls agree to go to the party. Moments later, a crazy girl named Anna (Hannah Stocking) drives on the lawn to find her boyfriend Horse (Brock O’Hurn) and flip out on him for being with another girl.

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