Adventure Drama Horror Thriller

47 Meters Down


Two sisters are on an underwater exploration adventure when something wrong happens. They are trapped in a shark cage down in a sea with only one hour of oxygen left with white sharks circling them around. In a mission to make it up to the top they are fighting for their lives against the sharks and with time.





Lisa (Mandy Moore) and Kate (Claire Holt) are two sisters vacationing in Mexico. Lisa has just broken up with her boyfriend, but is keeping this a secret from Kate. One night, Kate wakes up and finds Lisa crying. Lisa tells Kate that her boyfriend left her because he got bored. Lisa tells Kate that he left because she’s not fun enough and the reason she’s on the trip is to regain that sense of fun that she used to have. Kate drags Lisa to a party where they meet two men, Louis and Benjamin.

After the party, Louis and Benjamin walk Lisa and Kate back to their room. Kate kisses Louis, but when Benjamin leans in to kiss Lisa, she backs away, telling him that she’s not ready. As Benjamin leaves, Lisa tells him to wait as she runs up to kiss him, trying to embrace her fun side. Before they leave, Louis and Benjamin tell the two sisters about shark diving, which they do with their friend, Taylor (Matthew Modine). Kate urges Lisa to join her in trying it out. Lisa is hesitant at first but eventually gives in at the behest of Kate.

The next morning, the two sisters meet up with Louis and Benjamin who take the two to meet Taylor. Taylor is the captain of an old boat, which houses a rusty shark cage. Taylor asks the two sisters if they’ve ever been scuba diving before, which both claim they have. Louis and Benjamin are the first two to get into the shark cage. They get in and are lowered into the water. Lisa and Kate go into another room and get fitted into scuba gear.

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