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The Mummy 2017


Just like the previous versions of this series, The Mummy 2017 revolves around the awakening of a mummy that brings nothing more than death and threat to mankind. An ancient princess though safely hidden deep in an unforgiven dessert is found and resurrected. Her destiny was unjustly taken from her and now she’s back with vengeance.





London, 1157 A.D.

Crusader knights bury one of their own with a jewel resting in his hands. Jump to the present day where the tombs of many other crusaders are discovered beneath London’s catacombs. Dr. Henry Jekyll (Russell Crowe) enters the tunnels and comes across one particular tomb with hieroglyphs, leading him to realize what this means.

Through flashbacks, Jekyll tells the story of Princess Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella). She was a cunning warrior who was ready to succeed her father, the Pharaoh Menehptre (Selva Rasalingam), until his second wife gave birth to a boy. Knowing that the boy would be the Pharaoh’s new successor, Ahmanet made a pact with Set, the god of death, to sell her soul for a dark power. Ahmanet murders Menehptre, his wife, and their baby. She prepares to perform a ritual on her lover using a special dagger that would give Set a body of his own, but the Pharaoh’s priests stopped Ahmanet and killed her lover. She was mummified alive and had her sarcophagus taken away from Egypt and down a tomb where she could never be found.

We move to Mesopotamia (or Iraq) in the present day. Mercenary Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) and his buddy Sergeant Chris Vail (Jake Johnson) are riding toward a village being overrun by insurgents. Nick wants to go down for some adventure while Vail is strongly against it. They go down there anyway and get shot at. Vail orders an airstrike to take the insurgents out. As the bombs are dropped, a hole opens in the ground, nearly sucking Nick and Vail down there. They discover Ahmanet’s tomb.

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