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Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie


Two imaginative pranksters & bestfriends – George and Harold, make their school a more lively place. They hypnotize their principal Mr. Krupp to be a superhero named The Captain Underpants who is highly enthusiastic yet totally clueless. But they soon realize that this fun is gonna come at a huge cost which they should now deal with.





Best friends George Beard (voice of Kevin Hart) and Harold Hutchins (voice of Thomas Middleditch) tell the story of one of their comics – long ago in a galaxy far, far away, there was a planet that wore underpants which was set to blow up. The king and queen of the planet sent their baby to Earth where he was raised by a dolphin couple. That baby grew quickly and would become Captain Underpants, George and Harold’s superhero creation. As they complete their origin issue, it is snatched up and torn apart by the boys’ mean principal Mr. Krupp (voice of Ed Helms). George and Harold address the viewers to let them know that Krupp hates just about everything fun and is always out to make their lives miserable.

The boys are brought into Krupp’s office. While he doesn’t have evidence, he knows the boys are responsible for a number of elaborate pranks set across Jerome Horwitz Elementary School, including (but not limited to) putting silly pictures of a teacher on the board, gluing a teacher’s butt to her chair, and bringing a tiger into class. Krupp vows to put an end to their trouble.

As George and Harold walk to class, they explain that they make up pranks to cheer up the students, all of whom are utterly miserable at school. They get to class where they sit behind their nerdy nemesis Melvin Sneedly (voice of Jordan Peele), who has no sense of humor. Over the loudspeaker, Krupp announces that all students are required to spend their Saturday at the school’s Invention Convention, which only Melvin is excited for.

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