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A Bad Moms Christmas


The epic bad mom’s who were already under apprciated and burdened with tons of work face a new big challenge. They must prepare themselves for Christmas and if that wasn’t enough, they gotta deal with it all when their own mom’s come to pay a visit.





This sequel to the first ‘Bad Moms’ movie opens on Christmas Eve where Amy (Mila Kunis) is sitting alone in her house, with all the Christmas decorations in ruins. She tells us that she’s ruined Christmas for everyone, just as a camel walks past her. Amy then decides to start at the beginning.

Six days earlier.

Amy, like every other mom, is stressed out about making the holiday special for her family. As she is now with Jessie (Jay Hernandez) and having his daughter Lori (Ariana Greenblatt) spend time with her kids Jane (Oona Laurence) and Dylan (Emjay Anthony), Amy just wants to keep it chill for Christmas… until she learns that her overly critical mother Ruth (Christine Baranski) is coming over for Christmas. Amy expresses her dismay to Jessie, who assures her it’ll be okay.

Meanwhile, Kiki (Kristen Bell) is still totally overworked with her four kids trying to mess with the Christmas tree, but this time her husband Kent (Lyle Brocato) is lending a hand. Kiki is surprised when her mother Sandy (Cheryl Hines) shows up three days earlier than expected and is planning to spend the next three weeks with Kiki. Sandy loves Kiki so much that she wears sweaters with Kiki’s childhood face on them, embarrassing Kiki.

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