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The Greatest Showman


Phineas Taylor Barnum, an Amercian filled up with ambitions and a drive to do something amazing in his life. Despite of all odds being against him he still had a vivid imagination and hustled as hard as he could to live up to his dreams. Starting of with wax museums he came up with an idea to entertain his audience with never seen before live acts on the circus stage.





The film opens with Phineas Taylor “P.T.” Barnum (Hugh Jackman) joining his circus troupe in a song (“The Greatest Show”), playing to an enthusiastic crowd as he and his performers put on a dazzling show.

We cut to Barnum as a young boy (Ellis Rubin) in the 1800’s, working with his tailor father Philo (Will Swenson). They arrive at the home of Mr. Hallett (Fred Lehne) and his daughter Charity (Skylar Dunn). P.T. makes Charity laugh and spit out her tea, prompting her father to smack him across the face and forbid him from going near her. Regardless, P.T. and Charity spend time together and develop a close friendship in song (“A Million Dreams”), even as Charity is forced to go to a finishing school. They write letters to each other and eventually reunite as adults, where Barnum proposes to Charity (now played by Michelle Williams).

Barnum works for a trading company until his boss tells everyone that they are shutting the company down due to bankruptcy after their trading vessels have sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Barnum goes home to Charity and their daughters Caroline (Austyn Johnson) and Helen (Cameron Seely). He brings home a spinning lamp, or “wishing machine”, for Caroline’s birthday. Charity and the girls all make wishes, and Barnum hatches an idea.

Barnum goes to the bank for a $10,000 loan and uses the deed to the (sunken) trading vessels as collateral. With the money, he opens up a museum devoted to oddities, because he thinks people are fascinated with things like that. The museum fails to attract business, and most people reject the idea.

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