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The LEGO Batman Movie


There are big troubles going on in the Gotham City and if Batman wants to save the people he may have to team up with others to win over Joker this time.





Over Gotham City airspace, two best friend pilots are transporting an insane amount of explosives. They are hijacked by The Joker (voice of Zach Galifianakis) and his minions. Across the city, Joker has set loose some of Gotham’s most notorious criminals, including Harley Quinn (voice of Jenny Slate), Two-Face (voice of Billy Dee Williams), The Riddler (voice of Conan O’Brien), Scarecrow (voice of Jason Mantzoukas), Catwoman (voice of Zoe Kravitz), Poison Ivy (voice of Riki Lindhome), Clayface (voice of Kate Miccuci), Bane (voice of Doug Benson), Mr. Freeze, The Penguin, and some C-list villains like Calendar Man, Gentleman Ghost, and Condiment King. The pilot knows Batman (voice Will Arnett) will stop Joker, but he believes otherwise.

Beneath the city’s central core, Joker has Killer Croc plant a bomb that would level Gotham and plunge it into an abyss. Commissioner Jim Gordon (voice of Hector Elizondo) tries to use the Bat-signal to contact Batman, but Eggman has egged it down. Jim and Chief O’Hara go downtown to spring into action while the villains continue to run amok. Jim meets with Mayor McCaskill (voice of Mariah Carey) before she is airlifted to the central core. Joker and his villains are all gathered to watch the city be destroyed, but the Mayor reveals herself to be Batman in disguise. He proceeds to single-handedly beat down every villain before trying to catch The Joker. Batman latches onto Joker with his grappling hook but Joker reminds him that the bomb is still active. When Joker calls himself Batman’s worst enemy, Batman rebuffs it by stating that Joker means nothing to him, and that nobody does. Joker looks heartbroken as Batman rushes to stop the bomb. He succeeds, and the city cheers Batman on.

Batman returns to his home on his own island. He spends his free time alone in the Batcave, eating leftover lobster thermidor and cackling maniacally during “Jerry Maguire”. Batman later stares at a portrait of himself as a child with his parents on the night they died. He starts addressing the portrait and says his parents would have been proud that he saved the city again. He is then startled by Alfred (voice of Ralph Fiennes), so Batman accidentally dropkicks him into the piano. After apologizing, Alfred realizes that Batman is going through another one of his phases and is just sad at the prospect of having another family. Alfred then reminds Batman that there is a gala later that day for Jim Gordon’s retirement, which Batman reluctantly goes to.

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