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The Nut Job


Surly and his rat friend have finally discovered a nut store to raid. But Surly the Squirrel ends up having a deal with Andie who agrees to help him in the raid. But there’s much more in the store that’s happening and these guys are just about to get the biggest adventure of their life.





Set in the fictional town of Oakton, year 1959, a group of animals, led by a Raccoon, store food for winter in a giant tree in the park. Among these animals is a selfish purple squirrel named Surly, whose thieving reputation has made him a pariah. His only friend is his rat partner Buddy. Surley’s attempt to rob a peanut cart goes haywire when it is impeded by one of Raccoon’s helpers, a compassionate orange squirrel named Andie and the ‘park hero’, a grey squirrel named Grayson whose heroic antics prove to be incompetent. After Andie unsuccessfully tries to talk Surly into being more selfless, Surly tries to get a bag of nuts while the owner gets distracted by a bratty girl scout customer and a police officer – but this heist also gets invaded by the pet pug of the owner of the cart named Precious. After fending off Precious by having her bite the pipe of a liquid nitrogen tank, Surly and Buddy escape with the cart and Andie manages to guide it to the park. Surly threatens Andie and Grayson with a torch, unwilling to share the food, but accidentally causes it to ricochet across the park. Although the animals (except for Grayson) get off safely, the cart is sent into the tree, where it explodes– along with the tree and the animals’ food supply. When Surly is identified as the culprit, Raccoon banishes Surley from the park, forcing the squirrel to survive in the city.

Although Buddy insists on being with Surly, Surly insists that Buddy leave him. After escaping from wild street rats, Surly and Buddy find a nut store and attempt to rob it to feed themselves. After entering the store, they discover that it’s a criminal hideout, used by the cart owner, his associate, their mob boss King who has recently gotten out of jail, and fellow felon, Fingers. Raccoon sends Andie and Grayson to find food only for them to get separated upon Grayson fighting a rat. Precious also serves as the guard dog there. King plans to rob the Oaken Bank and replace the cash with nuts. Surley and Buddy see that the only way to get to the nuts and to avoid Precious is with a dog whistle one of the crooks has. The two of them are thrown out by Fingers since he can hear it. While trying to find the whistle, Surly crosses paths with Andie who gets the whistle and threatens to dispose of it if Surly doesn’t share the food he’s going to take. Reluctantly, Surly accepts and unwittingly befriends Precious after threatening her with the whistle. Andie informs the park of the plan and, although they have a lack of faith in Surly, they agree to go along with it. Andie gets help from the Bruisers, a family of Groundhogs consisting of Jimmy, Johnny, and Jamie. Also with them is Raccoon’s mole henchman.

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