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Let’s Be Cops


Let’s Be Cops is the story of two buddies who fake being cops as costume for a party but things get real when they have to deal with the real world threats on their fake identities. Now, if they don’t solve this case then it would ultimately mean death or jailtime for them.





The film opens with Ryan (Jake Jonshon) singing karaoke to Justin (Damon Wayons, Jr) in a pizza place. After the song, Justin explains that hes depressed that they’re both 30 year old losers, living in Los Angeles and maybe its time to go back to Ohio. Ryan doesn’t work and Justin is unhappy in his job as an assistant for a video game developer. Justin also has a crush on the waitress Josie (Nina Dobrev), but is too scared to talk to her.

The two head out to a dance club where they’re ignored by everyone. They leave, and Ryan’s junker Camaro dies out front after the valet brings it up. Everyone in line is laughing at them. The large SUV behind them is beeping and flashing its lights. Finally, Ryan gets it started and pulls out as the SUV whips past. The vehicles collide. Ryan gets out and starts to yell at the people in the SUV. Everyone inside the SUV looks like Albanian mafia. In the rear, flanked by two hot ladies is a scary guy with a scar over his eye. They laugh at Ryan.

The next day, Justin is at work pitching his video game idea ‘Patrolman L.A.’ As a visual aid, he has two mannequins dressed as LAPD. The staff at the company is thoroughly disinterested and his boss decides that Firemen are hotter as are zombies, the company should start work on Firefighters versus Zombies.

Ryan is playing football in the park with a bunch of small children and aggressively destroying them. One of the kids is angry and asks Ryan what he does all day. He returns to his dad, who asks who Ryan is and the kid explains that hes a nobody who thinks hes a coach.

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