Comedy Romance

The Other Woman


Mark is engaged in a one night stand with a woman and they soon start dating each other. But when she finds out that her boyfriend is already married she tries to get past all of this. The other day, she accidently meets the actual wife of Mark and they soon become the bestest of friends. The story brings in a twist when the women discover that Mark has actually been in another relationship and all the 3 women decide to take revenge on him together.





The film starts with Carly Whitten (Cameron Diaz) and Mark King (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) engaging in a one night stand after meeting each other on a blind date. Eight weeks later, they are in a relationship, and Carly is quite happy. Carly, a single career woman, goes to work at a law firm where she tells her friend and secretary Lydia (Nicki Minaj) about the relationship, where Lydia notes that Carly hasn’t been with a single man in forever. Little does she know that Mark is married to a chatty and neurotic woman named Kate (Leslie Mann).

Mark makes up an excuse to leave town for a few days, telling Carly there’s an issue with the plumbing in his house. Carly is upset at this short notice, and she gets into an argument with Mark. He drops her off to have drinks with her dad Frank (Don Johnson), who is seeing a younger woman. He convinces Carly to show up at Mark’s place to surprise him. She does so, dressing as a sexy plumber. She walks to his door and is greeted by Kate, who introduces herself as Mark’s wife. A stunned Carly stumbles off the steps of the porch and trips backwards, knocking into a giant urn that she breaks.

An angry Carly storms into her office the next day and tears up the flowers that Mark left for her. She tells Lydia that he is married, but Lydia suggests this could provide some kind of spice in their lives. Carly is later visited by a distraught Kate, who has a nervous breakdown upon realizing that Carly had slept with Mark multiple times. Despite all of this, Kate continues to find Carly and attempt to bond with her. Eventually, the two become unlikely friends. Kate later takes out her rage by destroying Mark’s office with a golf club.

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