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Tammy is one of the unlucky women who catches her husband cheating on her. Facing the sad reality, she decides to leave and move to her parents house. With a thrill in her to heart to go to the Niagra falls she finds it disheartening when she is not allowed to drive her mom’s car to the destination. So, she resorts to her grandma only to find that she will be accompanying her on this trip and how adventurous she actually is.





ammy (Melissa McCarthy) is an overweight, potty-mouthed, bad-luck-prone, lower-working-class woman who is having a horrible day. On her way to work at a fast-food place called Topper Jacks, she hits a deer while shes looking for Chapstick in the backseat of her car. Once she gets there, her boss Keith (Ben Falcone) fires her for showing up late and looking like a mess. Her nose is bloody from the car accident.

She heads back home, but her car dies. She eventually gets home and finds her husband Greg (Nat Faxon) eating a romantic meal with their neighbor, Missi (Toni Collette). Upset, Tammy leaves and walks two doors down to her parents’ house.

She tells her mother Deb (Allison Janney) that she’s leaving town and shes taking her grandmother Pearl’s (Susan Sarandon) car. Her grandmother insists on going too. She not only has a car, she has thousands of dollars in cash, while Tammy has only $68, plus change. She and Tammy don’t get along at all. Deb doesn’t want them to go because Pearl needs her medication and they were planning on putting her in the Brookview Retirement Home.

Pearl convinces Tammy to lighten up and have a beer. Tammy doesn’t want to drink and drive, but Pearl insists. Soon, they’re doing drunken donuts in a grassy area.

The next morning, they wake up near a park and Pearl convinces Tammy not to go back home and finish what she started. Pearl has always wanted to go to Niagara Falls. Tammy goes jet skiing, while Pearl drinks more booze on the dock. Tammy crashes and they have to pay for the broken jet ski. So they do, but they take it with them.

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