Action Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller

The Maze Runner


In The Maze Runner, a boy named Thomas emerges into an elevator in an unknown world (remembering nothing of his past) consisting of 30 boys and a mysterious maze all of whom turn out to be just like the story of Thomas. These boys have now learned to live out on their own in this mysterious place by growing their own supplies and surviving on it. With a new boy emerging every 30 days the group named as ‘The Glade’ is trying to figure out a way to escape the mysterious maze which is filled with dangers. When all hope is gone, a girl emerges with a note and everything for them changes.





Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) wakes up in an ascending elevator. With him are supply containers marked WCKD. When the elevator reaches the top, a door above him opens and he’s surrounded by a Lord of the Flies type gaggle of young men/boys. Thomas takes off running, but stops when he realizes he’s in a small glade surrounded by huge walls.

Gally (Will Poulter) subdues Thomas and keeps him from trying to run into a maze which is accessible through a door in the wall.

The leader of the group, Alby (Ami Ameen), and his consigliere Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) explain the situation to Thomas. Once a month the elevator (or the box as they call it), comes to the surface with supplies as well as a new boy. They all live in the glade and call themselves Gladers. None of them can remember anything about their pasts or why they were sent there, but after a few days their names come back to them. Each boy is given a different job. Some are builders, some are runners. A door opens in the giant wall every day and closes every night. The door leads to a maze that surrounds the glade. Runners go through looking for a way out. “If you’re trapped in the maze over night, the Grievers get you and you die”. The maze changes every night. Alby was the first boy to arrive in the Glade. No one knows why they’re there.

Thomas starts to form a friendship with the kid who came up the month before him. He’s one of the youngest of the group. His name is Chuck (Blake Cooper).

That night there’s a celebration for Thomas. Gally is wrestling one of the other boys and asks if Thomas wants to have a go. They end up sparring and when Thomas hits his head on the ground, he remembers his name.

That night Thomas has a dream. It’s full of fleeting images, but a woman (Patricia Clarkson) says, “Wicked is good.”

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