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Heaven Is For Real


In the movie Heaven Is For Real, Colton is said to experience what heaven feels like in a near death experience. The movie depicts the story of his father trying to convey his son’s extraordinary experience to the world when he is turned on by everyone including the Church, common people and even his own wife.





The movie opens in Lithuania, with a young girl starting to paint a portrait. The story then shifts to Imperial, Nebraska where Todd Burpo (Greg Kinnear) is installing a garage door for a warehouse. In addition to that job, Todd is also the high school wrestling coach, a volunteer firefighter, and the pastor of the local Wesleyan church. He is currently on medical leave from the church after breaking his leg in a softball game and suffering from numerous kidney stones. Despite their financial burdens, Todd’s wife Sonja (Kelly Reilly) insists on taking a family trip to Denver with their children Cassie and Colton (Connor Corum, in his film debut). In Denver, they visit a butterfly and spider sanctuary, where Cassie holds a tarantula but Colton is too afraid. On the way home, both Cassie and Colton become sick. Days later, Cassie has recovered, but Colton’s fever is still rising. They take him to the hospital, where the doctors tell Todd and Sonja that Colton’s appendix has ruptured and needs emergency surgery. They also tell the Burpo’s to prepare for the worst. While Colton is on the operating room table, Sonja is calling friends asking for prayer while Todd is in the hospital chapel. There, Todd yells at God for testing his faith by putting him through so much misery and accepting it, but trying to take his son is going too far. Later, after what the doctors describe as a miracle, Colton survives the operation and eventually makes a full recovery.

Colton tells his dad that he is no longer afraid of anything and wants to hold that spider, so Todd and Colton return to Denver just to do that. Afterwards, they are at a playground and Todd asks Colton what changed his mind about the spider. This is where Colton first reveals that he went to Heaven and met Jesus. Colton says that he left his body during the operation, saw his parents in the two different rooms, and went to the church. He entered it and saw the entrance to Heaven. Jesus then comes along side of Colton and they enter Heaven to the sights and sounds of angels singing. Todd is stunned by what he hears, and upon returning home tells Sonja what he said. They go to Colton and ask him if he is sure it was Heaven and Jesus he saw. Colton says yes, and begins to describe aspects of Heaven that are scripturally accurate, such as the multi-colored horse that Jesus will ride on the day of His return, and the wounds on Jesus’ hands and feet. He also told Colton that everything will be alright and he has nothing to be afraid of anymore. Colton then says the pictures of Jesus they have in their home don’t look like him.

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