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In this movie, Annie is a tough young foster kid left by her biological parents to a mean lady, Miss Hannigan (her foster mom), stating that they’d be back in the future for her. But everything changes when the mayoral candidate Will Stacks makes the move to take her in believing he’s her guardian angel.





In this version of the popular Broadway musical, updated from the Great Depression of the early 1930s to contemporary 2014 New York City, a class of young orphan children are doing presentations on former presidents. Up next is 10-year-old Annie Bennett (Quvenzhane Wallis). She decides to do her report on Franklin Delano Roosevelt as a performance piece, and she gets her classmates to join her in stomping their feet and making noises as part of the bit.

Annie runs to a restaurant in the city where she waits for her parents to show up and finally reclaim her. They never come. The restaurant owner gives her cannolis to take home. Annie also stops by a convenience store and gets flowers from the manager Lou (David Zayas) to give to his “lady”. Annie gets back to the foster home where she lives and climbs up the fire escape to rejoin her foster sisters: Isabella (Eden Duncan-Smith), Tessie (Zoe Margaret Coletti), Mia (Nicolette Pierini), and Pepper (Amanda Troya). They’re looked over by the abrasive and mean Miss Hannigan (Cameron Diaz), who used to be a Broadway performer and is now miserable in her new job of having to take care of the girls. The girls lament not being adopted (“Maybe”).

Hannigan wakes the girls up early on Saturday to make them clean the place up as an inspector from Social Services is set to arrive. (They sing “It’s The Hard Knock Life” as they do their chores.) The inspector (Mike Birbiglia) comes over, and Hannigan flirts with him. After he leaves the room, the girls notice that he dropped a document containing their records. Annie takes it and seizes the opportunity to seek out her real parents. She makes an excuse with Hannigan to go out and do something while she goes on her mission. Annie stops by Lou’s to do some work to get the money needed to get the documents.

Meanwhile, we are introduced to Mr. Will Stacks (Jamie Foxx), a cell phone mogul and local New York City billionaire who is running for mayor of New York City. With him is his hotshot adviser Guy (Bobby Cannavale), his assistant Grace (Rose Byrne), and bodyguard Nash (Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje). Will is a germaphobe and also not very popular with voters compared to the current favorite Harold Gray (Peter Van Wagner). Will goes to feed the homeless and tries to eat the mashed potatoes to show how much he cares, only for him to spit it out in the face of a homeless man… three times.

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