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Rio 2


Blu and Jewel are living in jungle with their 3 kids like any normal birds but their happy life soon turns into a troublesome life when they have to face the vengence of Nigel and Blu has to tackle with Jewel’s father i.e his father in law at the same time.




The film starts with an enormous celebration going on across Rio de Janeiro. In the bird community of the city, we catch up with blue macaws Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) and Jewel (Anne Hathaway), now married with three kids. They dance and sing together with their pals Raphael (George Lopez), Pedro (, and Nico (Jamie Foxx). Blu asks Raphael where the kids are. Raphael says he left them with the bulldog Luiz (Tracy Morgan). Luiz says he left them with the little bird Tiny (Kate Micucci). The kids – Carla (Rachel Crow), Bia (Amandla Stenberg), and Tiago (Pierce Gagnon) – tied Tiny up to a bunch of fireworks. Their parents come flying in to prevent them from lighting them when Blu grabs the match. However, he burns himself and causes the fireworks to light up. He gets Tiny out but gets himself caught, and is launched into the sky as the fireworks erupt in an epic display, for all of Rio and the birds to see.

Blu’s owner Linda (Leslie Mann) and her husband/fellow bird lover Tulio (Rodrigo Santoro) are sailing on a boat in the jungle to bring a plump red bird back to its habitat with its family. They don’t notice the waterfalls up ahead and they fall over the edge, but they’re both okay. A bird flies overhead and drops its feather. Tulio grabs it and inspects it. It’s a feather of a blue macaw.

News gets out that Linda and Tulio discovered more blue macaws out there. They decide to travel to the Amazon jungle to find this flock. Jewel wants to travel there as well since she feels Blu has domesticated their kids too much, and they must stay in touch with their bird nature. Nico and Pedro wanna join so they can scout for exotic talent for their little Carnival show. The only person they have so far is Raphael’s wife Eva (Bebel Gilberto), who is an awful singer. Meanwhile, a sinister logging tycoon known only as Big Boss (Miguel Ferrer) gets wind of Linda and Tulio’s mission, fearing they will interfere with his plans.

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