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American Sniper


American Sniper is the story of a man named Chris Kyle who wanted nothing more than becoming a cowboy but due to his new thinking and life mission he ended up becoming a sniper for the US Army. After his marriage, he goes onto the first mission at Iraq. Now, the problem of Chris is not with the mission but how he deals the war and manages his married life.




In the opening scene, US Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) is perched on a rooftop, scoping out the path of a US military convoy through his sniper rifle. He sees a man on a rooftop talking on a cell phone, and he appears to be watching the convoy, which Kyle reports it through his headset. He is told that if the man is reporting troop movement, he has the green light to shoot him, but Kyle is unsure. His marine backup suggests that he may just be talking to his girlfriend on the phone. The man disappears from the rooftop and a few moments later, a woman and a young boy appear in the doorway of the same building and walk toward the convoy. Kyle reports the woman and boy, noting that the woman is not swinging her arms as she walks and appears to be carrying something. No one in the convoy can see it to confirm. He watches through the scope as the woman removes something from her cloak and hands it to the boy, and he realizes that it is a grenade. He again gets the green light to shoot, but his marine guard warns him that he will be sent to prison for shooting a child, if he’s wrong.

The film cuts to a young Chris hunting with his father, and he shoots and kills a deer. His father congratulates him on his excellent shot, telling him he has a gift. Chris happily approaches the deer, dropping his gun to the ground as he runs to it. His father reprimands him for treating his gun cavalierly.

Over several scenes set in his childhood, we see young Chris, his younger brother Jeff and his parents attend church, where he pockets a small well-worn copy of the New Testament. There’s also a scene of Jeff being beat up by a much larger kid on a playground. Chris runs up and pulls the bully off, beating him up. In the next scene, seated at the family’s dinner table, Chris’ father tells the boys that there are three kinds of people in the world – sheep, wolves and sheepdogs. Sheep don’t believe that there is evil in the world, wolves are predators who commit evil, and sheepdogs are blessed with the aggression and bravery to protect the world from evil. The speech clearly makes an impact on Chris.

Years later, Chris is competing in rodeos with his younger brother traveling alongside him. He returns home one night and finds his girlfriend in bed with another man. He hits the man several times and kicks him out before turning around to kick his girlfriend out. She complains that he abandons her every weekend to go to rodeos, believing himself to be a cowboy when he’s just a failed farmer.

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