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Ricki And The Flash


Linda is an ambitious woman who leaves her family to fulfill her dream of becoming a rockstar. But everything doesn’t goes down like planned and the same thing happened with Linda. On receiving a call from her ex-husband that her daughter is facing a mental breakdown she comes back but faces the disappointment and neglect of her own kids. Yet, she stays and tries to gain their acceptance.





The film opens on the interior of a dive bar in California. Ricki (Meryl Streep), a middle-aged woman, is on the stage performing for a crowd of regulars with her band, “The Flash.” She reveals she is having a romantic relationship with her guitarist Greg (Rick Springfield) and the crowd hoots and hollers, particularly the gay bartender. Ricki then announces they are going to attempt a more modern song at the request of some younger patrons, and they perform Lady GaGa’s “Bad Romance”.

Ricki then gets a call from her ex-husband Pete (Kevin Kline). He informs her that their adult daughter Julie (Mamie Gummer) (note: Meryl Streep’s real-life daughter) has had a mental breakdown after being left by her husband and that she needs the presence of her mother. Despite being relatively poor (Ricki, whose real name is Linda, works at a Whole Foods style grocery store called Total Foods) Ricki scrapes up the money to fly to Indianapolis.

She arrives at the home Pete shares with his current wife Maureen (Audra McDonald), who is out of town on business, and marvels at how fancy and clean everything is. She encounters Julie, who is unbathed and disheveled. Julie does not welcome her mother’s presence, and we discover that Ricki left the family when Julie was still a child to pursue her dream of being a rock singer. She also left behind sons Joshua and Daniel. The family arranges to have dinner together.

When at the restaurant, none of Ricki’s children seem particularly thrilled to see her. Straight-laced Daniel has a new fiance who is prim and proper, and Ricki keeps inadvertently offending her. They make it clear Ricki is not invited to the wedding. Gay Joshua gets upset because despite being a liberal rocker Ricki is clearly not at peace with his orientation, suggesting that he might be dating a woman because in high school he said he was bisexual. She also expresses a variety of conservative views, including a dislike for Obama. None of the tension is helped by Julie, who seems to revel in stoking the animosity around the table.

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