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Point Break


FBI is considered to be one of the top police organizations in the world. And the same is depicted in this movie. A young FBI agent finds out that a team of extreme sports athletes are the masterminds behind some big corporate heists. By going undercovers he tries his best to gather proofs and prove that what he is suspecting is correct.





Extreme poly-athlete Johnny Utah and his friend Jeff attempts a stunt traversing a steep ridge peak line, ending it by leaping onto a lone stone column. Jeff over speeds his bike and falls. Seven years later Utah is a FBI Agent candidate. He attends a briefing about a skyscraper heist where the criminals parachute down their escape. Another heist happens where the criminals unload Dollar bills mid-air over Mexico then simply disappear. Utahs research concludes that they were done by the same men, who at the same time attempt to complete the Ozaki 8; a teaching of doing eight extreme ordeals to honor the forces of nature. They already cleared three, and Utah predicts theyll attempt the fourth on a rare sea wave phenomenon in France. After presenting his analysis, Utah gets sent undercover to France under a field agent Pappas. They reach the place and Utah gets help from others to surf the tall tube wave.

But as he goes in theres already another surfer in the wave, leaving Utah with unstable wave. Utah gets sucked into the wave and faints but the other surfer bails and rescues Utah. He wakes aboard a yacht with the other surfer Bodhi and his team Roach, Chowder, and Grommet. They leave him to enjoy the party and he gets acquainted with a girl Samsara.

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