Horror Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller

The Lazarus Effect


A group of researchers led by Frank and his fiance Zoe have found a way to bring back the dead to life. After a successful trial on an animal they’re ready to reveal this discovery to the world but the project gets shutdown before its revealed with all the materials confiscated. Now, the couple has taken it all in their hands and try to redo the expirement which goes horribly wrong leading to the death of Zoe. Will they be able to resurrect her back using their technique and research? Yes, they do but what they discover is even more horrifying. Although the resurrection was a success but Zoe is not the person they used to know. Something’s changed!





We see video footage of a dead pig lying on an operating table. A team of medical researchers are performing an experiment to bring it back to life. They inject it with a serum and hit the switch to their machine, but nothing happens. One researcher jokes about eating the pig, and then the pig starts to squeal briefly before staying dead.

The team works at a university in Berkeley, California. One of the scientists, Zoe McConnell (Olivia Wilde), guides a student, Eva (Sarah Bolger), to the lab so that she can record the team’s experiments and research. Zoe introduces Eva to her co-workers Niko (Donald Glover), Clay (Evan Peters), and Zoe’s fiance and the head of the project, Frank Walton (Mark Duplass). While Clay ogles Eva, it’s clear that Niko has feelings for Zoe. Frank explains that their serum, codenamed “Lazarus”, began as a means to retain neural activity in coma patients, and is now used for the means of bringing the dead back to life. They test the serum on a blind dead dog named Rocky. At first, it appears that nothing happened, but Rocky begins to bark and move around. The team celebrates with a bottle of champagne.

Frank and Zoe take Rocky home with them. The dog’s cataracts disappear and it experiences a loss of appetite. It also displays slightly aggressive behavior. The team discovers that the serum is still in Rocky’s brain, despite the fact that it should have dissipated within hours.

At night, Zoe has a nightmare of being in a burning apartment building. There are burnt hands sticking out from underneath a door. Zoe awakens with a gasp. Frank comes in to comfort her.

Clay is left alone in the lab with Rocky while he sits in his cage. He turns away from the dog for a brief moment, and he hears a crash. Clay goes to find the fridge opened and food spread out everywhere. He then sees Rocky growling viciously at him. When the team comes back, Clay mentions what he saw, but nobody seems to believe him.

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