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In The Heart Of The Sea


In The Heart Of The Sea brings out a story on one of the most mysterious creature living in the depths of the ocean – A mammoth sized whale with a big will of vengeance against humans. The movie is inspired from the story of Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick.





Herman Melville visits old Thomas Nickerson about the whaling ship Essex. The man refuses to speak but his wife insists otherwise, believing that Thomas has been tormenting himself by refusing to speak of his story, so he starts.

Nantucket farmer and whaler Owen Chase convinces his wife all will be better as he gets his promised captaincy. But the executives have him as the first mate instead on his next whaling journey aboard the Essex, accommodating young Captain George Pollard, who is descended from a family of prestigious whalers. After they set out, Owen shows he’s the de facto captain with his skills and initiative. One day the captain orders the crew to head into a squall despite Owen’s warning. As the ship gets damaged the captain orders to turn around, but the waves wreak havoc to the ship. This starts open animosity between George and Owen, but they grudgingly remain allies for the sake of the ship’s success.

They capture a sperm whale, with Chase again displaying his expertise by correctly guessing the whale would not be able to dive deep enough to drag the harpoon boat under the water. Young Nickerson gets his first experience with whale oil when he is ordered to slip inside the head to scoop leftover oil. But no whale appears for the Essex for the next several months. After sailing far they meet a Spanish captain informing of them a large whale pack’s location, but there’s also a ‘demon’ whale. Both George and Owen agree to chase the pack, dismissing the ‘demon’ whale as a myth. They reach the place and soon find the ‘demon’, a 30-foot long white whale. It easily damages the Essex’ hull, forcing the crew to abandon her. The whale oil the crew had gathered earlier catches fire, but the crew are able to save the three harpoon boats and some makeshift sails. The crew rations their supplies, but the supplies are very limited. The crew faces friction among them. Weeks pass and the men grow large beards and grow increasingly haggard. After days adrift, Owen spots the demon whale following them. The second mate Matthew Joy gets injured in a storm. Again Owen spots the demon whale; this time, it attacks the boats, killing some men. They get washed ashore to an island. But after some time, Owen finds a cave full of decomposing bodies and realizes that other crews that were stranded here waited in vain for someone to rescue them. Owen proposes to leave since no boats will come.

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