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On a mission to assasinate the German Ambassador in Cassablance, two operatives – A Royal Canadian Air Force Trooper and the other a skillful member of French Resistance must come together and convince everyone of their true feelings as a married couple.





French Morocco, 1940

Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) parachutes into the desert. He walks some distance before he is met by a driver who supplies him with luggage, a wedding ring, a weapon, and false documents. The driver tells Max that the woman he is to meet will be wearing a purple dress, and to “look for the hummingbird.”

Max arrives at a club in Casablanca. He finds the woman, Marianne Beausejour (Marion Cotillard). She instantly knows who he is and excitedly greets him with a kiss. They pose as husband and wife to Marianne’s friends before they leave. As they drive away, Marianne compliments Max on making a convincing appearance, but she criticizes his Parisian French accent.

Max and Marianne’s mission is to kill the Nazi ambassador. They work on their ruse posing as a married couple by living together and trying to make their charade convincing.

The two meet with the ambassador, Hobar (August Diehl). Marianne does most of the talking as she tries to convince Hobar that Max is her French assistant. Hobar insists Max attend a party, but Max pretends he would rather play poker. Hobart challenges him to split a deck of cards. If he gets the low card, he must come to the party. Max expertly shuffles the deck and picks the low card, the outcome he desired.

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