Biography Comedy Drama

The Disaster Artist

Storyline Greg & Tommy become a one of kind friends in an acting class. Together, they travel to L.A in a hope to become popular and successful in Hollywood. But when they face a rejection, Tommy decides on writing, creating, editing, starring, and producing his own movie.   Trailer   Synopsis The film starts with …

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Biography Drama History

Victoria & Abdul

Storyline An Indian named Abdul Karim arrives to attend the Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. But instead of being just a simple meeting it turns out to be a real turning point for both of them as they become good friends and their friendship getting deepened day by day.   Trailer   Synopsis Abdul Karim, a …

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Biography Crime Drama

Molly’s Game

Storyline The movie is based on the life of Molly Bloom, a young and beautiful Olympic skier who ran the world’s most exclusive high-stakes poker game featuring many superstars, sports personalities, business tycoons, and the Russian Mob, for nearly a decade before getting arrested by 17 FBI agents for holding unlicensed automatic weapons.   Trailer …

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Biography Drama History War

Darkest Hour

Storyline Just in a few days of becoming the president of The Great Britain, Winston Churchil, is standing amidst a great confusion which can either make it or break it for the nation. On one hand, he can accept the negotiated peace treaty with the Nazi’s and on the other hand, he can choose to …

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Biography Drama Sport War


Storyline Unbroken visualizes the life of an Olympic Athlete, Louis Zamperini, who was indulged in the army force in World War II. Sadly, he was captured by the Japanese navy after the plane crash in Pacific Ocean and the movie shows his struggle to survive in captivation during the war. Trailer   Synopsis In the …

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