Crime Drama Thriller Western

Hell Or High Water


In Texas, after the death of his mother, the unemployed oil and gas worker Toby Howard is losing his ranch to the Texas Midlands Bank. Toby is divorced from his wife who lives with their two sons. When his brother Tanner Howard is released from the prison, they team up to rob agencies of the Texas Midlands Bank to raise money to pay the loan so that Toby may leave the real estate to his sons. Meanwhile the Texas Ranger Marcus Hamilton who is near retirement and his Indian descendant partner Alberto Parker try to anticipate the next move of the thieves. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil





The movie opens in a small town in West Texas in the morning. In front of the Texas Midland Bank, a female bank employee is rushed by two men with guns, masks and nondescript clothing. They force her inside and tell her to open the cash drawers. She says there is no money in the drawers and opens them showing there is no money. She then tells them they are new at robbing banks and says if they leave now all they will be accused of is being stupid. The robbers take umbrage to what she said and force her to the ground in front of the counter. She says she will not get the money until the bank manager comes in at 8:30 am. When the manager does come in, he is greeted by the robbers, one of whom hits him in the face with his gun.

The two robbers escape in a car. They are brothers: Tanner Howard (Ben Foster) the older has gotten out of prison a year ago and is considered a career criminal. Toby Howard (Chris Pine) the younger has a clean record and chides his brother for hitting the bank manager. They then drive to another small town and to hit another bank, also a Texas Midland branch. Inside the bank is a teller at the counter talking to an old man who says he found a bunch of old coins in his barn. The teller is examining the coins and says some may be collectors items when the brothers come in. Tanner has the teller open the cash drawer and takes out only small bills, no bundles or large bills. Toby asks the old man if he has a weapon which the old man says he is carrying. Toby takes a pistol from the old man and puts it on the counter near him. The old man asks if they are robbing him and the brothers say they are only robbing the bank not him and leave. The old man gets his gun and shoots at the brothers as they are leaving. Toby says that he will not want this to happen to him again, and that they are to stick to his plan. The brothers get to their ranch where they have a large hole dug. They drive the car into the hole and bury the car with a backhoe.

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