Drama Sci-Fi Thriller

The Circle

Storyline Mae is an aspiring girl with great ambitions. Finally, she lands to her dream job in a high tech company called The Cirlce. She quickly gets promotion and moves up the ranks through her skills. But soon she finds out that she’s gonna be working on something that’s totally against humanity.   Trailer   …

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Comedy Family

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

Storyline The Heffley family are going to attend Meemaw’s 90th birthday party. But what should be a normal road trip turns into a hilarious adventure trip when it goes off course because of Greg’s trick on getting to a gaming convention.   Trailer   Synopsis The Heffley family: Greg (Jason Drucker), Rodrick (Charlie Wright), Frank …

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Action Crime Thriller


Storyline Police officers are there to solve mysteries, capture the guilty and facilitate justice. But what if an officer is trapped in corrupt officials and gangsters all around. And when all of this leads to kidnapping of his son the result is just disastrous. The same has happened with officer Vincent Downs and now he …

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Adventure Drama Western


Storyline A legendary army captain agrees to escort a Cheyenne chief and his family ensuring their safeguard through a deadly territory.   Trailer   Synopsis In 1892, a Comanche war party descends on the homestead of Wesley Quaid and his family. Quaid (Scott Shepherd) is killed, as his wife and three children attempt to escape. …

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Biography Comedy Drama

The Disaster Artist

Storyline Greg & Tommy become a one of kind friends in an acting class. Together, they travel to L.A in a hope to become popular and successful in Hollywood. But when they face a rejection, Tommy decides on writing, creating, editing, starring, and producing his own movie.   Trailer   Synopsis The film starts with …

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Rough Night

Storyline Five best college friends reuinte after 10 long years for a bachelorette party in Miami. What was suppossed to be super fun turns into a disaster when they end up killing a male stripper they hired. Now, is the time to show the true colors of their friendship in their darkest times supporting each …

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Biography Drama History

Victoria & Abdul

Storyline An Indian named Abdul Karim arrives to attend the Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. But instead of being just a simple meeting it turns out to be a real turning point for both of them as they become good friends and their friendship getting deepened day by day.   Trailer   Synopsis Abdul Karim, a …

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Horror Thriller

The Bye Bye Man

Storyline Three friends move to an off-campus property and instead of having heap loads of fun they end up unleashing a supernatural entity named as The Bye Bye Man. As soon as they learn its name the life of these guys fall into danger because now the bye bye man is behind them. Now, alongside …

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Comedy Drama Sci-Fi


Storyline To save the earth from the problem of over population and to live a lavish lifestyle a man finds a way to shrink himself to 5 inches tall. With this new adventurous step you can’t say what will be there for him next or if it will all go as planned.   Trailer   …

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